Transplanting is the process of shifting a fully germinated seedling and it is replanting in a permanent location for the growing season. A plant that has been recently transplanted is sometimes referred to as a transplant.

This is important when transplanting, as moving a plant will always cause it to lose some of its roots, which harms its ability to take up water and thus will generally cause the plant to die if transplanted during the heat of the summer.

There are some manual tools for transplanting seedlings the following:


If there is one tool that you need for transplanting trees, it is a spade or a digging shovel; after all, it is hard to get trees out of the ground without one.

This tool is used for transplanting seedlings. An average spade or shovel will probably do the job just fine, a shovel with a longer digging blade and will be helping you penetrate more deeply into the ground. This tool is useful when you are attempting to transplant larger trees.

Empty Containers

While not exactly a tool, you will want to have a few empty containers on hand to place the trees in once you dig them out of the ground. These are also plastic gardening pots or something even simpler, like a large cardboard box.

Yard Cart

This tool is carrying supplies to the digging site and then carrying the trees to their new homes, a yard cart is an invaluable tool for any tree transplanting project.

The simple design and hand-pulled nature are meaning that you can be taking a yard cart places where larger machines and carts would have trouble going, such as in deep woods and across steep slopes.

Water Jugs

Once your trees have been planted, it is important to provide them with plenty of water to help them survive the shock of transition.

Unless you are planting trees within a hose distance from a water spigot, you will be needed a means of bringing water to the trees, and for this purpose.

We are used water jugs (similar to these) that can be carrying 5 or 6 gallons at a time. Because they are heavy when filled with water, we have used this yard cart equipment for transplanting seedlings the jugs to each tree; it is making the watering process simple and easy.