Today, the human advancement and the industrial revolution have resulted in the different types of environmental issues and problems. Some of the most common issues are threatening the natural existence of an environment that is waste production. There are a lot of volunteering programs, in which we can take a part to make our environment cleaner

This problem laid the foundation of an overuse and pollution. Nowadays, there is a lot of environmental problems are concerned with the global warming that causes an unfortunate increase in the earth’s temperatures. Currently, most of the environment problems facing are all man-made. Here are the lists of most common environmental issues that the public should be aware of:

  • Water pollution

The water is a great source of food and material for human being in the world. People who live nearby the sea shores and other parts of water must learn how to dispose their water and solid wastes properly, so that the natural ecosystem will not be contaminated.

In order to prevent marine life poisoning, you should use environment-friendly soaps, detergents and other solutions.

  • Air pollution

Perhaps, the industrialization is a major culprit for the development of air pollution in several countries. It is good to say that now many advanced countries are mainly focused to look on high environment friendly production methods in order to reduce the industrialization effects to the environment. Even the industrial smoke from vehicles as well as from factories can also be reduced via the use of other sources such as energy and fuels than using fossil fuels.

  • Garbage problem

This is a common problem in the third world countries. People are mismanaging their garbage by improper disposal of wastes. Some people can also tend to burn their garbage that leads to several environmental problems. One of the greatest ways to educate people about garbage segregation is creating awareness on how to recycle their waste materials properly and how to give their wasted paper second life

  • Deforestation

DeforestationThe deforestation occurs due to the development of nations and cities, which need constant conversion and land of real estate. This effort can slowly improve on this condition.

However, the rate of recovery from deforestation is slightly lower than the ongoing occurrence of deforestation.

  • Ozone layer degradation

The ozone layer degradation is contributed by the chemicals present in different cosmetic or household products such as insect spray or spray net for hair grooming. This will expose to the direct heat of sun in a higher level than we experienced before.


The above mentioned lists are some of the major problems with the environment in which the people are facing today. Everybody should aware of all these problems first and then try to resolve all of them. In order to cope up with all these environmental issues, the serious steps have to be undertaken and should be implemented in terms of legal and social aspects as well.