The maintenance of the environment in a pure and innocent state plays an extremely important role for US residents. Densely populated cities in which most people have personal cars, a large number of manufacturing enterprises make the authorities take care of nature. Therefore, a lot of volunteer programs are being developed in picturesque parks and reserves. If you have long dreamed to travel to the US and want to get out of the cramped city apartment, this is your chance to work on something important and useful enjoying the most beautiful places of the United States.

Yosemite National Park

Location: Yosemite National Park, California.

Duration: from 2 to 6 months.

Responsibilities: there are various options from studies of nature of communicate with clients, work with documents and maintaining the hiking trails in order.

Requirements for candidates: diligent people from all over the world working or studying in the field of wildlife or related fields are welcome.

Conditions and facilities: meals and accommodation in a house or flat (or coverage of these expenses) are provided for foreign citizens only if they have a work visa or a J-1 visa. The park administration sponsors J-1 visa.

It is worth noting, participants subject to this requirement cannot change their status in the US, and cannot obtain a family green card and specific work visas in the US unless they return to their country for 2 years.  At this time they can not live in another country, except their native country. But if you already apply for a J-2 visa, you can track visa USA using special online service. With a tourist visa, you must pay for meals and accommodation on your own.

Yosemite National Park

Volunteer program in a bear reserve

Location: Vince Shute Bear Sanctuary, Minnesota.

Duration of the program: any (the volunteer determines it independently); volunteers are required from May to September.

Responsibilities: cleaning the territory, preparing food for employees or bears, communicating with visitors, assisting in administrative work.

Requirements: age over 18 years, responsibility, good physical form and desire to work, understanding that bears are wild animals. Before you start, you need to read the manual and fill in the questionnaire.

Conditions: participation, meals and accommodation are provided, however, the availability of housing needs to be clarified; visa and transportation costs are paid by volunteers; there is no electricity, running water and telephone on the territory.


Turtle Island Restoration Network

Location: California and Texas.

Duration of the program: any (the participant determines it on his own). Applications are accepted all year round.

Responsibilities: care for sea turtles on the verge of extinction (observations, training and other simple works).

Conditions and requirements: participation, meals and apartments are provided; visa and transportation costs are paid by volunteers.

Care for the Appalachian Trail

Location: Central Virginia.

Duration of the program: determined individually, acceptance of applications continues all year round.

Responsibilities: removal of garbage, uprooting of weeds, cleaning of premises. Construction works are also possible.

Conditions and requirements: participation, meals and apartments are provided; visa and transportation costs are paid by participants.

Horse care

Care for horses on the ranch

Location: ranch Return to Freedom, Lompoc, California.

Duration: usually from 2 to 6 weeks; applications are received all year round.

Duties: assistance in caring for horses (cleaning, feeding, etc.), maintaining the document circulation of the ranch.

Requirements: age over 18 years, diligence, the experience of work with horses is desirable.

Conditions and facilities: accommodation and meals are provided with duration of the program from 2 weeks; visa and transportation expenses are paid by volunteers independently.

Have you chosen the best option from the mentioned above? Then it’s time to take care of all the necessary documents, get acquainted with interesting people, improve the English language and do useful things for this world and start traveling. You will see that all this really can be combined in one trip!