The garden tools are selling in an online tool shop and these are having all tools such as vegetable gardeners. You have sourced a selection of planting, digging, weeding, harvesting, pruning, maintenance and wood cutting tools.

These tools are making the job at hand that much easier. They have compiled a list of the gardening tools that we use on a recurring basis. There are following gardening tools list for beginners:


We have a selection of galvanized and hard plastic wheelbarrows available. A good barrow is one of the strong to easily transport when full. Also, why not try one of these waters carrying bags for wheelbarrows.


Dibbers are used for making planting holes for seeds, bulbs, and seedlings. These are a nice selection of oak timber dibbers as well as some stainless steel ones. The timber ones are having calibrated rings to indicate depth and take the guesswork out of planting.

Digging Spade

A decent digging spade is always an essential garden tool every gardener should own. The best one to use is a stainless steel type. Regular spades are rusting and the soil tends to stick to a good stainless steel spade stays smooth.

Garden Trowel

Hand forks are some of the most used basic tools for gardening, so the best trowel should have a comfortable handle with a well-fitted blade that won’t come loose after time. This transplanting trowel has a comfortable ash timber handle with a stainless steel blade.

Garden Knife

A small knife is wanted in the garden for cutting string, sticks, and flowers. It is trimming fruit and vegetable plants and many other jobs. It is a good habit to carry one in your pocket or garden thug.

Garden Secateurs

Any garden is needed constant maintenance and good garden secateurs are an invaluable tool to have for any pruning jobs. The secateurs are the Classic Felco no4, they are affordable bypass secateurs that will last a lifetime.

Heavy Duty Hoe

It is the heavy-duty garden. This hoe is perfect for breaking new ground and will do so much easier than a spade or shovel.

Golden Gark

The Golden Gark is one of the multipurpose garden maintenance tools, it is a rake, shovel and soil sift in one. This lightweight tool is important for clearing up weeds or fallen autumn leaves and much more.